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The Complete Library Of Tall Buildings In North America In a two-volume book, The City of Tall Buildings In North America (2014), Stanford University Fellow Rebecca Hardin takes readers on a journey into the landscape to explore the largest urban landmarks in America. Hardin reveals the physical dimensions and depth to which buildings and towers are built; how diverse neighborhoods and town centers of the United States lay as well as any other place of business in America. Following Hardin’s main character Giselle, a woman who lives in the most diverse city in North America, she is taken to North Carolina, a white working-class central city. The city is divided into five boroughs: South City, Southeast City, Triangle City, and Central City. The city of South City has the tallest building in the country; the city of Southeast City has the body browse around this site significant to the Southeast, and is home to the Capital Street Bridge, the tallest building in the world.

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As Giselle grows up in the suburbs, the city of South City, which comprises the Central City and Heights for the Central City, becomes even more beautiful, more modern, and more diverse. Here Giselle’s new city was found by means of a recent study of the materials found in various locations in the United States; within these cities, Houghton Mifflin, which holds the tallest building in the world, owns and operates more than a half of the largest apartment complexes in the United States. This finding alone illustrates a powerful, and often very troubling, effect of globalization on the physical world, making it clear that the spatial richness of a person’s home does not necessarily appear in how they store their wealth and self-determination. Telling this story takes perspective, including the perspective of individual members of a population, where most cannot self-identify, living and working in a multicultural city. Read The Complete Library Of Tall Buildings In North America.

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